Martin Murray vs Mikheil Khucishvilli

We have recently discovered a few more Martin Murray fights that have been added to video sites such as YouTube, and we will be posting them over the next week or so.

This post is a two part video of Martin Murray’s fight againt Georgian fighter Mikheil Khucishvilli. This was Martin’s 13th Pro fight, and marked his return to the ring after winning the middleweight Prizefighter competition. Khucishvilli was (as with most Georgian fighters) a tough, come forward fighter with powerful, but albeit wild hooks. In this fight, Murray took his time and had a lot of success with a powerful, spear like jab and left hooks to the head and body.

Scheduled for 6 rounds, Murray quickly worked his opponent out and started to dismantle him in round 3 busting up his nose with heavy hooks and uppercuts, sending him back to his corner rather dispondently. Khucishvilli remained game to the end however, still throwing dangerous looping punches hoping to catch Murray, but Murray blocked them and kept 100% concentration. Eventually midway through round 4 the referee Steve Gray was left with no option but to stop the fight before he got seriously hurt.

This was a great performance from Martin Murray, and you can watch it all from the videos below:

Part 1 (intro and rounds 1 and 2):

Part 2 (rounds 3 and 4, and post fight interview):

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