Martin Murray, Darren Barker & Matthew Macklin on Ringside

Last week both Martin Murray and Darren Barker were on an episode of Ringside on Sky TV, being interviewed by Jonny Nelson and Adam Smith regarding their upcoming fights later this year (Martin against Sergio Martinez in April, and Barker against a yet unknown opponent in March). A 10 minute excerpt of the episode can be seen above when the other domestic rival, Matthew Macklin, phoned in from Marbella.

Although there was clearly respect between Murray and Barker, tensions rose with Macklin when the interview focused on who was the better fighter, as well as talking about domestic match ups between the and analysing their previous fights. Although Macklin said that there were “great fights to be made” domestically, he also seemed dismissive and talked about focusing on the US. He also pointed out that he has had a lot of domestic fights such as against Jamie Moore, again giving another indication that this was unlikely to happen.

Everyone remained calm, but things were clearly becoming heated. If a fight can be made amongst the trio, the platform is being built for a great night of boxing.

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